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Success Stories

PureCM is used to optimise the development lifecycle in many aspects. Learn more about how PureCM customers have increased their productivity, improved their customer responsiveness and cut time-to-market.

PRD Software increase productivity and quality using private branches

Productivity and quality suffered at PRD Software before changing to PureCM. All developers directly worked on the product’s main codeline, which regularly resulted in a “polluted” and instable mainline. Learn how PRD Software have achieved dramatic improvements moving to task branching and build automation.

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Liones facilitate Web project management with PureCM

Liones are a full service web development company offering web and Intranet solutions. Learn how Liones manage their customer data in PureCM, having a parallel setup for development, maintenance and deployment for each customer.

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Bibliotheca RFID implement distributed development

Bibliotheca RFID decided to take a major part of remote development in-house. Read about their experience co-ordinating in-house and remote development with PureCM’s flexible branching and merging capabilities.

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Merlin Solutions replace Visual Source Safe to drive productivity

Limited by Visual Source Safe’s capability to deal with their parallel development on multiple releases, Merlin Solutions needed a more powerful, yet affordable solution. See how Merlin Solutions have seamlessly replaced Visual Source Safe to manage maintenance and development in parallel.

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It's so easy to track the code history, to pinpoint changes, and to associate them with bug fixes. And I just love the annotated history!

Patrick Gfeller, Sr Dev

We're easily handling 150+ projects and more than 250 GB of data. An impressive feature set; definitely unmatched at that price!

Bert Willems, Dev Mgr

PureCM is so good it's like a pair of nice shoes that you wear all the time but don't think about!

John Alfaro, CTO

Remote development, automation and powerful branching. We could never go back to the old VSS days!

Rod Weir, CTO

Easy to install, with an intuitive GUI and reliable. What more do you need?

Keith Slevin, Osaka University

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