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Flexible Configuration Management

Managing multiple projects or project versions, perhaps with different release dates, can be tricky. How do you keep track? And how do you tell your developers which version they need to work on?

Intuitive Project Organisation

PureCM uses a clear hierarchy that allows you to organise your projects. 'Projects' separate different ...projects. 'Versions' represent each code line of a project, such as development or testing. 'Features' are used to create a branch from a version for work that you want to isolate. Finally, 'Releases' preserve a specific configuration of a version or feature. Of course, naming is fully customisable.

Full Changeset Support

Task-based development is best practice for software development. It prevents errors caused by file-by-file submits and greatly enhances transparency. In PureCM Standard, all file changes needed to solve a task are grouped in a changeset. You just add a description and you'll know exactly what has changed and why.

Automatic Audit Trail

Every change made against a version or feature is tracked as a changeset. This shows you the evolution of every code line over time. Who made the change? Why? And to which files? It's all there, in an automatic audit trail you can rely on. In fact, in PureCM you can even see which developer is working on which files in real-time.

Flexible Release Creation

To preserve a specific project configuration, simply create a new release based on a version (or feature). This will create a read-only snapshot of the project content at the point in time it was created, so you can browse or rebuild as needed. But that's not all - PureCM also gives you visual tools so you can compare any two releases to check for file and folder differences.

Lightweight Stream-Based Branching

Versions have even more advantages. As they know about their parent and child versions, they allow you to automatically indentify and merge changesets between different versions or features. And because versions and features inherit their configuration from their parent, PureCM can create them instantly and support thousands of versions and features in a repository.

Simplified and Fully Tracked Merging

With PureCM, merging changes between versions or integrating a feature is as simple as it can get. The workspace merge will let you integrate the change into your workspace, test it, edit it and finally submit it to its target version. You want to merge with minimum overhead? Merge changes directly on the server with a visual preview. Of course, all merges are fully tracked to for maximum transparency.

Shared Folders between Projects

Code re-use and third-party components can make you more efficient. By using PureCM's shared components feature, you can link folders to multiple projects. They're simple to set up and upgrade, with minimum administration. You don't need to merge changes made to component folders, as they're automatically applied to all linked locations.

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