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  Feature PureCM Professional PureCM Standard
Project management Manage multiple projects in a repository Yes Yes
Automatically link project versions to streams Yes Yes
Ability to hide completed features or versions Yes Yes
Support agile release planning Yes  
Drag & drop scheduling of features and tasks Yes  
Real-time project status reporting Yes  
Automated notifications based on work item ownership Yes  
Full activity history tracking along the development lifecycle Yes  
Automatic Release Notes based on changesets Yes  
Export project status for custom reporting and analysis Yes  
Configuration management Support for private developer workspaces Yes Yes
Changesets and Atomic Commits Yes Yes
Ability to retrieve any project configuration at any time Yes Yes
Support CVS/SVN like copy-modify-merge paradigm Yes Yes
Rollback any changeset or file revision Yes Yes
Complete file history across the branch hierarchy Yes Yes
Annotated file history (or "blame"), visual line-by-line history Yes Yes
Support file and folder copy, moves and renames Yes Yes
Shelving (share/checkpoint changesets on server without integration) Yes Yes
Folder sharing between projects using components Yes Yes
Support for thousands of streams in a repository Yes Yes
Various triggers for custom automation Yes Yes
Version control of symbolic links on Linux Yes Yes
Keyword Expansion Yes Yes
Task tracking and workflow management Customisable user dashboard Yes  
Full integration of features/tasks and changesets Yes  
Automatically populating workspaces based on assigned task Yes  
Ability to group related tasks using features or folders Yes  
Automated task workflow Yes  
Customisable 'Require task on submit' policy Yes  
Support for merging on task or feature level Yes  
Complete task history for any activity Yes  
Remote development Client/Server architecture over TCP/IP Yes Yes
Highly efficient delta transfer and data compression Yes Yes
Live tracking of other people's checkouts in private workspace Yes Yes
All checkouts and local revisions tracked on server Yes Yes
Full version control capabilities for offline development Yes Yes
Proxy server to cache project data remotely Yes  
Simple and centralised proxy server administration Yes  
Parallel development Instant and lightweight stream-based branching Yes Yes
Merging change by change (cherrypicking) Yes Yes
Merging directly on the server with interactive preview Yes Yes
Ability to test merge into a workspace Yes Yes
Intelligent merge tracking to avoid remerging Yes Yes
Full refactoring support for parallel environments Yes Yes
Automated feature stream creation Yes Yes
Integrate feature streams as one changeset Yes Yes
Ability to automate feature stream updates Yes  
Support for code reviews with automated notifications when integrating features Yes  
Automated merging with merge rules between branches Yes  
Private workspaces Private workspace for developers Yes Yes
Ability to include project subfolders only Yes Yes
Multiple changesets in a workspace to group work in progress Yes Yes
Synchronise a workspace back to any changeset, release or date Yes Yes
Get any file revision Yes Yes
Ability to switch workspace content to another version or release Yes Yes
Support for multiple workspaces per user Yes Yes
Support for multi-user workspaces for collaboration within a single workspace Yes Yes
Security Policy-based (ACL) access control and administration Yes Yes
Support for user/password authentication and user groups Yes Yes
Windows Active Directory (AD) authentication Yes Yes
Ability to create Active Directory users automatically Yes Yes
PAM Linux authentication Yes Yes
Read/write policies down to individual file level Yes Yes
Support for multiple user levels for project management Yes  
Ability to access and edit tasks assigned to other users Yes  
Integrations and interfaces Cross-platform GUI and command line client Yes Yes
Visual Studio (enhanced) Yes Yes
Eclipse Yes Yes
Microsoft SCC interface Yes Yes
Windows Explorer Yes Yes
CruiseControl.NET Yes Yes
FinalBuilder Yes Yes
Gemini issue tracking (.NET open source plugin) Yes Yes
OnTime (bi-directional integration) Yes  
FTP deployment service Yes Yes
.NET SDK Yes Partial
Java SDK Yes Partial
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