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PureCM Standard

Fast, Reliable and Easy-to-Use Source Control

Perhaps you've outgrown Visual Source Safe? Maybe you're worried about data integrity when collaborating with teams in several locations? Or perhaps your software configuration management (SCM) solution is overcomplicated and you're looking for ways to reduce costs?

You just got lucky. PureCM allows your SCM to keep pace with software development.

Assure reliability and compliance

With PureCM, based on a client/server architecture, your source code is kept in a secure SQLite or SQL Server database, with its integrity protected by atomic commits.

Controlling access and changes to your data also gives you an automatic audit trail that makes your project evolution fully transparent.

You need scalability? PureCM supports multiple terabytes of data and thousands of connections; all authenticated for maximum security.

Increase productivity

Better collaboration and a shorter time to market; how does it work? Developers get their own project copy called private workspace.

And, for maximum productivity, PureCM comes with a user-friendly GUI and fully integrates with popular IDEs such as Eclipse and Visual Studio.

As a development manager, you can easily maintain a live release while developing the next. With PureCM, you'll get instant branching and built-in visual merge support.

Save costs

With PureCM, everything is up-front. Pricing is transparent and simple, and even lower than the maintenance fees of other solutions.

You pay no hidden costs - no server licences, no fees for plugins and no special hardware requirements. And PureCM is free for two users; indefinitely.

With a centralised server, every developer can easily find project data and connect seamlessly from anywhere using TCP/IP. Or even get full version control support when working disconnected.

Facilitate migration and administration

It's easy to switch to PureCM. Installation only takes minutes. Then simply add your project baseline and define centrally managed access control lists.

Want to keep your project history? If you're coming from Visual Studio, CVS, SVN or Perforce, an import wizard helps you do just that.

We've actually found that a part-time administrator can easily look after several hundred developers; that's what we call near-zero administration.

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