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Agile Development and PureCM

Scrum is currently the most widely used agile method to manage software development. PureCM is tailored to support teams working with Scrum through a task-based development approach that mirrors Scrum practices and closely ties the technical aspects of software development (code changes) to the meta-aspects (project details).

Flexible Sprint Planning

Access to a central repository for both collocated team members and offsite teams:

  • Create, prioritize and manage tasks and features
  • Assign tasks to users or groups
  • Create and organize releases

Transparent Daily Scrums

Personal dashboards for team members and customisable burndown reports:

  • Get on and offline access to your current tasks
  • Track project progress with burndown templates
  • Visualise open and completed tasks for your daily scrum

Scalable to Multi-Site Level

Centralised data storage and multi-project support:

  • Get real-time status insight on project or programme level
  • Avoid human error by linking code checkout to developer tasks
  • Enable collaboration on tasks and related code across distributed locations
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